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Chapel Band's Switzerland Concert Opener

Role: Director, Camera 2, Editor. 

Chapel Band Switzerland Concert Opener


Chapel Testimonies

Role: Director, Camera 1 and Editor.

There is a 3 part series where three people share their hearts and their stories. To view the rest of the series click here.


Sister on the Sofa Series

Roles: Camera 1 and 2 and Editor.

This is a short series based around the theme of Being Rooted in The Word, The Church, Obedience, Excellence and Worship. Five incredible gals speak about their experiences and share their heart. It was amazing to be part of this series. To view the full series click here.


Chapel Band Song Stories

Role: Director, Editor and Camera 2. 

Chapel Band's Song Story video series is four short videos based upon the inspiration that went into creating their songs and album. You can view the rest of the series here.


Short Film // Where We Last Spoke

Role: Editor. 

Where We Last Spoke is a short student film about loss and grief. It was featured in the Irish Examiner and Breakingnews.ie