Eleanor McEvoy Media - Content Creator
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Audio Projects that I have been involved with.

St.Mark’s Church Service Podcasts

As part of role as leader of St.Mark’s post-production team I create podcasts of each Sunday morning preaches. To listen to these sermons please click the button below. When these are edited I then upload them to their website via wordpress.

Student Short Film // Best Friends?

When a relationship ends sometimes friendships are also put to the test.

For this production, I was sound assistant and storyboard artist. Working on this film was very rewarding and gave me experience with boom pole placement in tight spaces. 


China's Children Documentary

Role: Producer, Recordist and Editor. This documentary is based on three people's journeys to China to volunteer in the orphanages over there. This was a very interesting documentary to create and is a real eye opener to the orphanage situation in China. 


Heart of Chapel Package

Role: Producer, Recordist and Editor. This package is a short promo for Chapel and Chapel Band that contains interviews and a small snippet of a song off the EP.


LifeStyle Livin' Magazine Show

The LifeStyle Livin' Show is an hour long magazine show for a radio broadcast. The role of Editor on this task, was to essentially produce the show. Editorial decisions had to be made on what did and did not go on air. The topics and themes were suggested by other members of team and finalised by the editor. The editor then had to create run-sheets and work out timings. Whilst the show was live the editor has to keep everything on schedule to the very last minute, this implied being in constant communication with the presenters and the desk operator.